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    03/05/1960 (Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool)


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    03/05/1960 (Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool) Empty 03/05/1960 (Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool)

    Post by KoE on Sun 28 Jun 2009, 11:22 pm

    This is probably the earliest known photo of the band.

    It was a few months later that Ritchie became "Ringo Starr". Before leaving for Butlins in the summer of 1960 the band all adopted the "stage names" noted below.

    03/05/1960 (Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool) 1-7
    In photo left to right:
    Johnny Byrne "Johnny Guitar" (rhythm guitar)
    Alan Caldwell "Rory Storm" (vocals)
    Wally Eymond "Lu Walters" (bass guitar/vocals)
    Ritchie Starkey "Ringo Starr" (drums)
    Charles O'Brien "Ty O'Brien" (lead guitar)

    03/05/1960 (Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool) 2-3
    Rory Storm and Johnny Guitar with Gene Vincent and an unknown fellow who looks like he might be a member of Vincent's band.

    Source; Beatlesource

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